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Over the years the TruckSpeaker became well known for its publication and conservative views on grants & subsidies and support for small business and the transportation industry. The TruckSpeaker was the one constant factor in the five-year class action against Canada Revenue agency to get a fair equitable-to-the-civil-service rate on meals and incidentals for the business traveler. Over those years we gained insight into the workings of the tax department and met many professionals we know can streamline your small business. We are now prepared to use that knowledge to help small business become more efficient.

We will be available on a consultation basis for small business and those in the transportation industry on tax issues and other costing issues etc. The income tax system should not rely on secrecy; fear; intimidation and retribution to collect taxes from law-abiding citizens. There are better saner ways of collecting taxes...

Taxes are too high. Taxes are expected  to rise swiftly over the next few years as governments fail to regulate and control waste.  If you wish to support those that are trying to bring a check on government spending contact me at: TruckSpeaker@shaw.ca

Ernie Slump, Independent Contractor for Canadian Taxpayers Federation. 

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The TruckSpeaker is now offering a tax and audit consultancy program to our clients. Over the years many of you have read and benefited from the many income tax articles we have published.

We are now able to provide:

· Tax and Audit Relief

· Consultations on Streamlining your business

· Advice on Incorporation and its Cost Effectiveness

We have assembled a team of consultants that are able to provide their individual expertise on a variety of tax related issues.

· Accountants

· Lawyers

· Transportation Consultants


If any of you or your clients:

· Were audited and owe thousands in back taxes

· Had your bank accounts frozen

· Face bankruptcy

· Have onerous monthly and interest payments

· Have been assessed unfairly

· Have been unable to resolve your conflict with CRA

Then you need the services we can provide

Call the TruckSpeaker today and start your life back on its road to recovery.

Call Ernie at: 1-250-487-1550

Email: Elvena@shaw.ca


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The inequality between men and women in relation to family law affects the ability of men to see their children and provide direction on their upbringing and also directly relates to the ex-husband’s financial health after the marriage.

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