This is a report I have worked on for some time from the material I had collected over the years.  I hope you will find it interesting. 


The Rise and Fall of Canada's Military 1945-1995


To understand why Quebec is now Canada's Military force we must start from the year 1945.


Canada in World War 1    1914-1918

1.  In 1914 entered as a Colony for Great Britain with one division

 2. 620,000  enlisted; 66,000 gave their lives, 172,950 wounded 


Canada in World War 11   1939-1945

1. 1 million+ enlisted; 45,000 gave their lives 

2. Royal Canadian Air Force assisted against the Axis

3. Royal Canadian Navy protecting allied convoys across Atlantic

4. Royal Canadian Army -Dieppe Raid, Division 1 and 5 in Italy and   the Normandy Invasion

    Canada gave Industrial help, munitions, motor vehicles, aircraft, and ships to the 5 year war. 

At the end of World War 11, Canada had the 3 rd largest navy, 4 th  largest air force and an army of 6 divisions with only a population of 11 million. Canada's armed forces consisting then of an army, navy and air-force fought bravely and we gained the respect of the world. We were no longer a colony of Great Britain ,we became one of the worlds most respected military nation.    

      But it didn't take long to see our military reduced to less than 1/1/3 in size. This came about because of the unrest in Quebec.

 During the Quebec Referendum 1995 Quebec came close to separating from Canada and it was then they realized how ill prepared militarily they were to protect them-selves in case of war. Instead of building their own army they found it more convenient to take ours one piece at a time with the blessings of Trudeau and Mulroney. Anything to appease Quebec so they would not leave Canada. The Official Bilingual Act gave Trudeau special powers and Inch by inch changes were made for French Quebec to gain control of our army.

    Days before the Referendum, P.Q. National defence leader Jean-Marc Jacob faxed a press release to all Quebec military bases urging  Quebec born soldiers to join a new Quebec army if they won the Referendum. How quickly Canada changed.        



How and why our military was confiscated by Quebec.    

After talking to some veterans at our Legion here in Kelowna I learned the transfer of all materials such as ammunitions, trucks ,tanks, clothing and uniforms ,guns ,rifles etc was transferred to Quebec as early as 1978. Materials required for training men was the only thing left for the Provinces to control. It is obvious why the only bilingual province was trusted to have the Gun Registration headquarters in New Brunswick.                                                                              

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's Defence Minister Marcel Masse takes the most credit for the military transfer to Quebec. His dislike for the Anglo's was obvious when he immediately ordered all military bases to speak French to him first ,conduct all business in French first and to be a bilingual army by the year 2002.  Marcel Masse is currently Quebec's  foreign ambassador to France a timely position.


Manitoba was Canada's aviation Center from the beginning of time but Chrétien and Mulroney planned to move all of Manitoba's aviational and intellectual industry to Quebec. And so the big transfers began.   


   1. Winnipeg's Trans-Canada Airlines born in 1937 was moved to Montreal in 1965-and renamed Air Canada.

   2. A merger of Canadian Pacific Airlines, Wardair, Pacific Western and C.O Air moved to Quebec under the umbrella of Air Canada in Quebec.

   3. The most blatant transfer of power was Manitoba's Cf-18  fighter jet aircraft, the Hornets the Canadair maintenance plant was hijacked to Bagotville, Montreal. Winnipeg's bid was lower than Que. It was moved in 1986 along with a $312 million interest free loan. All engineers were not transferred, some came from France. 

   4. De Havilland purchased by Bombardier control and acquires Learjet as well.

   5. The nations navigation manufacturing headquarters was now in  Montreal. .

    6. 1/2 or more of Canada's aircraft C.F.-18 is in Quebec now the rest is in Edmonton.

     7.  Bombardier is now the builder and maintenance of this aircraft and other designs and sizes required by our airforce and other countries.

      8. All maintenance, repairs,overhauling, technical services for Military aircraft is in Montreal's based Bombardier defence services area-given 125 million in 2003

      9. France owns two islands ( St. Pierre, Miquelon) near Newfoundland with an air strip capable of big transport planes. (in readiness during the Referendums)

      10. Trudeau's Mirabel Airport in Quebec had a military purpose. We called it a while elephant then.

       11.2004 Chrétien purchased without tender 2 Challenger Jets for 100 million from Bombardier for the P.M.'s private use even though the other two were still in good condition and the army was in need of Helicopters and other equipment. 

     12. Nov. 2005 Martin promised $4.6 Billion purchase of 16 transport aircraft for our military.( an election carrot )


                      SPACE  AGENCY 

Canadian Space Agency in Ottawa transferred to St. Hubert army base in 1983  

"The agency might be the best way to keep the country together" said Lucien Bouchard. A good number of English scientists quit when their were denied their request the move to Montreal.  

 Instantly our Space Center became French answering the phones in French first.  Mulroney's govt. planned to make Montreal Canada's aerospace center along side the aviation center.  

   1. St. Hubert now has a new $80.5 million Space building

 2. Bomen Inc. Quebec City a $4 million space contract

  3. Spar Aerospace Ltd. Ste.Anne-de-Bellevue.$4 million space contract

  4. CAE Electronics Ltd. Montreal $6 million space contract 

  5. 1992 the space agency had 268 employees ,2/3 Francophones in a world where English is the space language but here Anglo's are in technical ghettos.

  6. 1999 an increase to 323 employees

   7. A space training school patterned after the Americans. 


Royal Canadian Navy

Naval Reserve Headquarters for Canada was transferred from Halifax's natural harbour Quebec City in 1993

Three new Naval Reserve Divisions established in Chicoutimi, Trois Riviers and Rimouski in 1985. ( the new emblem crest for the Fleet school is in French only with a fleur-de-lis on a maple leaf)


The big naval move to P.Q. was to preserve Quebec's strong naval heritage to honour the great French navigator and sea fighter Pierre D'Iberville who tried unsuccessfully to drive the British out of the Hudson Bay Trading posts. This was one big lame excuse for the moves.


 In 1991 a new $36 million Canadian Forces Fleet School in Quebec the head quarters for the Naval Reserve and the Naval Reserve Division HMCS Montcalm  moved to Pointe-a-Carcy, Que.  (The move was made because the French sailors complained they did not want to train in English)


Naval Reserve lab. moved from Esquimalt to Valcartier

All submarine training and facilities are in P.Q. 

The purchase of second hand subs from Great Britain was a huge mistake. After training the sailors didn't know the hatch had to be closed in rough seas- thus the loss of life.

    The navy has had difficulty finding crews for the 12 frigates, four destroyers, and two replenished ships. 

Royal Canadian Army 

Most of these moves have been made by Marcel Masse

 In 1968 Trudeau unified the three forces into one, the only country in the world to do so. The army was transferred one piece at a time to Quebec.

  Quebec has all its forces in one close area in

their province while ours is scattered across 4000 miles. Guess who can mobilize first?  British Columbia is helpless it has to look to Edmonton for any disaster help.


1. As early as 1995 P.Q. became Canada's Military Headquarters

 2. 1991 Ottawa bailed our Mil-Davis of Quebec City cost of $263 million towards the new frigates costing over $10.4 Billion.

 3.P.Q. manufactures 85% of Canada's ammunition

 4.Modern new training base in St Hubert for new Franco recruits. 

 5.English Officer Training College " Royal Roads" in Victoria closed in 1995. We have no English training base for English speakers only.  

 6. French Officer Militaire Royal in Sainte-Jean, Quebec remained open because of Quebec's demands.  (Que. Beaudoin said" French will train for Quebec army incase P.Q. wins next referendum on sovereignty". The Quebec college is French only but the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario has to be bilingual? The French soldier has two training bases but the English soldiers have none.  

 7. Operational bases in Toronto and Moncton were closed and a $100 million military supply depot was built in the depressed east end of Montreal. ( tanks, armoured personal carriers, howitzers,heavy-guns, trucks and all spare parts and supplies for our army are stored there from bases like Renous, .B; Dartmouth, N.S; Wainwright,  Ab; and Nanaimo. B.C.). The provinces are left with training facilities only.   

  8. 1/3 of our Combat units are in Quebec

   9. Canada's Army Headquarters ,Commander and his staff are locate in St. Hubert.

10.Officers School at Chilliwack, B.C. moved to P.Q.

 11.Enlisting School at Chilliwack B.C. moved to P.Q.

  12. Enlisting School at Cornwallis moved to St. Jean, P.Q.

   13.Calgary's P.P.C.L.I. Barracks closed and joined with Edmonton. (Edmonton Barracks sign is in French first in English Canada ).

   14. In 2002 the Official Languages passed new armed forces language standards leaning towards more French control of our military forces. No advancement for an English officer past a Colonel unless he spoke excellent French.  

     15. C.F.B in Chatham N.B. moved to Miriramichi. Que. ( the Headquarters for the Gun Registry is in Chatham. N.B.)    

      16.  1992. no tenders ,contract to Montreal's Bell Textron for 100 utility Helicopters.  The 40 year old Sea King helicopters can only carry water, transport mail and conduct searches. 

       17. DART Canada's "Disaster Assistance Team" of 200 special forces in P.Q.

        18. 2005 our army is using 17 year old trucks plagued with difficulties but the new Mercedes will work along side the old.

         19. Land Force Command: Atlantic base is Halifax; Quebec area is Montreal; Central Canada is Toronto; West area Edmonton. 

         20. SNC TEC, based in La Garadeur, Que. signed a May 2004 supply contract with the U.S. military for small calibre bullets.

            Year 2005: Retiring Lt. Gen. Mike Jeffery said" recent budget increases is not enough, our army is too small and stretched to the limit and adding new missions could be disastrous after 10 years of cuts". He told our new army boss Lt. Gen. Rick Hillier. Hillier wants more soldiers and fewer tasks. 


Our Canadian army is struggling with lack of modern equipment, a shortage of trained soldiers to send into combat. When our men first went into Afghanistan in the summer they had dark green uniforms which they tried to disguise with paint ,they lacked modern equipment and even food. They had to rely on the American army for help in all areas including the use of the American hospital in Germany for our wounded men.

    In Afghanistan Canadian troops had access to U.S. airlift capability, Hercules and C-17 Heavy- lift aircraft, Chinook, Blackhawk, troop transport and they used their vehicles the Humvee while under the command of Major General Lewis Mac Kenzie. MacKenzie said "we can't get to the war or home without the help of our allies". The only thing we had that the Americans could use was our Coyote armoured vehicles. Since MacKenzie didn't speak French he was sidelined. We are minus one fine brave General but language takes precedence over all else.

      Our military is helpless with no heavy transport so since we are not helping the Americans in Iraq we have had to call on the Russians to transport our heavy equipment to two disasters in 2005.

   Bilingualism in the military is one good reason why recruits are harder to enlist and we are now turning our efforts to recruit females. They are less interested in advancement and can fill spaces so badly needed with our shrinking disastrous army.   



Bombardier the World Industrial power Chief.  

     Over 50 years ago in the 1950's  Bombardier invented its first snow mobile, I know because I was in Quebec at the time I watched Bombardier grow it become a world military power in the manufacturing of jets, regional aircraft, rail and subway transportation in New York, Britain and the manufacturing of equipment and motorized recreational products with factories in the Americas, Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.   

 Revenue for fiscal year 2004 Jan.31 was $23.7 billion Can. 

  In 1998 Bombardier was awarded $2.65 billion contact-the largest with no competition. The company had contributed some $254,000 to the Liberal party since 1995.  

Nov.23/05 Federal Govt. ordered 15 new transport planes for $5 billion from Bombardier. I must stop here because a huge book could be written about an empire that succeeded with the help

of our government who poured billions in loans, grants, contracts and even guarantees in the billions to Bombardier customers. Enough!




  This report comes from material I've collected over the years and my own personal conclusions about the conditions of our army then and now in the year 2006.    


If Quebec should separate and a disaster occurred such as an internal disturbances, floods, earth quakes, fires etc  we would be like the U.S.A. army having all it's arsenals in Confederate Territory in 1861



D. Fuhrman

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