November 29. 2009—Letter to the Editor:


I say we need fewer laws.


Less laws mean less abuse of power, less intrusion in our lives, which allows Truck drivers to do their jobs in a safe manner and be more focused on our tasks because we will have less emotional up-set from harassment and unrealistic blanket approaches such as speed limiters.

The speed limiters do nothing for safety when a Truck is doing 55 MPH or 90 Kms per hour and the Driver approaches a corner with a design speed of 30 MPH or 50 KPH, if the driver makes the wrong decision that 30 MPH corner is an accident waiting to happen.


If the Government of BC will look at the Data of Truck accidents in BC, most I would say that I have drove by were not caused by speed of over 65 MPH or 70 or 80 MPH they were caused by other issues not Trucks going

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over 65 MPH.


So really why would we want speed limiters?


I have trucked though North Dakota where the speed limit on Interstate 94 is 75 MPH and I drove it and actually was doing 80 MPH and more on down hill grades because I let Gravity work for me when I know there is not a slow corner at the bottom of the grade.

We have Truck accidents because some drivers make poor judgment calls and speed limiters or weight restrictions or Cell phone restriction laws are not going to help anything if drivers make the wrong judgment for conditions.


  I have drove at high speeds and used a CB radio, VHF Radio, [Cell phones and Laptop GPS since invented], [Microsoft Streets and Trips] from the beginning of my Driving years which started in 1968 and have not had a accident over any of the above issues cause I make the right judgment calls.


 Safety is all about judgment and no law will stop or correct what a person does, because we have all these gun control and Drinking and Drug laws and yet we still have more problems than ever before in my lifetime and I was born in 1952.


So really why would we want speed limiters? Who really is pushing for speed limiters? I know it isn’t me. I know I will get so pissed off I would quit Trucking.

Speed limiters will give the Government another reason to hire more Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspectors and police personal and that will raise the pay scale of the top managers cause of added responsibilities.

It will also give the C.V.S. more bodies to enable more pressure on the Government for more power and higher pay and their union more strength all at the expense of us Truckers.


It will also cause more Traffic problems longer line-ups cause there is not enough double lane highways in BC to even entertain the idea of speed limiters.

5 axle Trucks need to be able to pass 6,7 and 8 axle trucks and the faster you can go to get by them in a pass zone the sooner the next person behind can get by them, which helps to keep our highway traffic spaced out and Drivers less frustrated.

If a driver is not frustrated the driver will make better driving decisions that I believe will be safer for us all.


If a person cannot figure the common sense out about that than they should not be in any position of power making decisions, which affect other people.


Yours Truly, G. Currie


Editor’s Response:

I agree with G. Currie. However this definitely only applies to professional drivers. I have been only the road with too many idiots talking on their cell phones and putting the lives of all who cross their pass at risk.

Professional drivers are in a class of their own, with many “million-milers” that are accident free.

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Nov. 30, 2009

Eco-Terrorists Cost Jobs

Dear Editor: The Sierra Environmental Organization has been getting CTV news Coverage all day today Sunday November 29, 2009 and I hope that CTV will have some investigating in-depth news reporting of results that will happen if our Canadian and USA Governments follow through with laws and regulations to put in place what the Sierra organization is pushing for.


I call the Sierra Environmental organization Terrorists because they use biased reports and are designed to fear and intimidate people to get what they want.


Is it good for Canadians absolutely not?

The Sierra Environmental organization way of life is only for the wealthy not the average Canadian or American.


Remember who elects the Government it is us, we the most common people and our Incomes are well below $100,000 in fact most are below $50,000.00 these days and with the high cost of daily life in Canada we have less for living on than we did 30 years ago.

We cannot afford to have the Sierra Organization run our Governments because it will cause mass poverty which is already setting in the Countries of USA and in Canada and that is not good for poor or the rich people cause it will shrink their cash flow.


If we shutdown the expansion of Canada’s oil and Gas out put by regulation and Carbon Taxes that will hurt Canada and the USA and will aid Foreign Companies and Countries in Selling their products to us because we will still not have the capacity to produce our own energy.


Wind, Solar and Nuclear are all fine if the energy derived from them is the same cost as our oil and Gas.


If the costs are higher than the Governments will have to bring in a special law that causes all us Canadians and Americans to have an instant wage hike that actually pays the costs and BC Governments $100 bucks and Tax credits is not doing it.

More costs equal lower standard of living.


So where is the Canadian dream of getting ahead it seems that every month I am going farther behind.


Back in 1993 the Sierra Organization sent a Report to BC Ministry of Forest Services saying the South east end of Chilliwack Lake should be closed to the General public because it was an ecologically sensitive zone.

People in Chilliwack had been swimming at that end of Chilliwack lake cause it has a natural white sandy beach that extents for well over 100 feet with less than 5 feet depth of water depending on what time of year, in late August Sept the water is lower.

It is the safest beach on Chilliwack Lake to take young Children cause there is no drop-off until well after they walk out so far that the water is over their head and of course most non swimmers will turn back, that is why it is a safe beach.

Access to the beach was by an old logging road.

You see the loggers had already logged at the far end of the lake and most is all second growth timber now.

The road was rebuilt by my business in early 1990’s.

The BC Government at that time was fixing up Forestry roads to get the public out in the mountains to understand logging and to help educate the general public to counter the economic terrorists views of Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.


Now here we are 2009, the Economic imperialism of the Green Peace and more so now by Western Wilderness Committee and the Sierra Club have shut down the BC Economy because the NDP and lately the Liberal Governments have brought in regulations to support these eco-terrorists propaganda.


Chilliwack Lake South east end Campsites dug out by Government, no Camping allowed, No overnight stays allowed day use only, No Road maintenance since 2004.


All due to Sierra club lobby to Chilliwack Forest Service division of BC Government Ministry of Forests.


Now our Federal Governments of Canada and USA are facing the same expanded manipulating organizations please don’t let them win because they have destroyed BC Families way of life with no improved change.


Majority of BC resource based jobs that paid a good living wage are gone now and if it was not for the Alberta Tar Sands expansion BC would be a lot worse off because there are many Jet loads [yes Charter Jets to Fort McMurray Oil Camps] of workers commuting between Fort McMurray and BC right now up to this fall when we are starting to feel the winter slow down of McMurray Tar sand Job losses.


If The Canadian Government caves in to the Economic Imperialism of manipulated non-understanding people who contribute to these organisations we will suffer hardships like no Canadian should.

Meaning of, economic imperialism below

Economic Imperialism: domination of a foreign nation by domination of its economy.


If you are Canadian and care about Canada or if you are an American who cares about United States of America or if you care about both Countries as I do than speak out against the environmental Economic Imperialism.  G. Currie

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